Air Pollution and UV are key to understanding skin conditions

Participate in our research study on air pollution and UV impact on skin and learn along the way

Air pollution and UVs are main causes of skin damages
This includes dryness, premature aging, skin rashes, eczema and acne

Get actionable insights to improve your skin health
By combining real-time pollution/UV conditions together with skin biological analyses

Step 1
Sign up

By signing up in our research program, you will be able to download our reserach app that will provide important updates on your current exposure to UV and Pollutants.


Step 2
Biological Sample and UV/ Air Pollution Index

You will also receive a simple swab to rub on your skin, so you can send us some samples that will be analysed by our research lab. Each sample will be associated with an air pollution and UV index based on your location.


Step 3
Interacting with our physicians

Interacting with our physicians online will allow you to ask questions about you and your skin conditions.

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