Heart Diseases. Diabetes. Stroke. Liver Diseases

Know Your Risk and Act on it

HealthFactr evaluates your risk of developing chronic diseases by leveraging the power of algorithms

Know Your Risk

Based on robust validated research, HealthFactr calculates the risk for Diabetes, Coronary Heart Disease, Stroke and Liver Diseases

Know How to Intervene

HealthFactr algorithms determine which lifestyle factors contribute to your risk and delivers actionable insights and behaviors that can reduce your risk.

HealthFactr calculates the risk for


Heart Disease


Liver Diseases

Fully Customized and Available through your Physician

Available only through our physician and hospital partners, the HealthFactr result sheet is fully customized based on your data. If needed, your physician will tailor an intervention program aimed at reducing your risk.

Step 1
Tell us about yourself

""Click “Sign Me Up” and complete a simple online form to tell us about yourself.


Step 2
Give us permission to collect your samples and data

After you complete the form, a physician from our network will contact you to coordinate the collection of your medical and laboratory data.


Step 3
Learn with us along the way

Your physician will provide you with the result sheet and discuss the intervention plan customized for your needs. Throughout the program, your physician will provide you with regular updates and help track your progress. We may also ask you additional questions about your experience – we want to hear what’s important to you.


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